[BKD-307] Mother-to-child Mating [Nikko Ogadake Road] Yu Kawakami

[BKD-307] Mother-to-child Mating [Nikko Ogadake Road] Yu Kawakami





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Yu divorced 15 years ago and took in her second son, Tatsuya. She is proud of her son, whom she has raised through hard work and toil. When he entered the workforce, she gave him a trip to a hot spring as a present, and the two of them decided to go together. I’m sorry for not being a good mother and not spoiling him until now. Yuu puts her own lips on her son’s lips and reaches her hand between her legs. Her son was already erect. Yuu brings her lips to her son’s crotch… In the mountains of Oku-Nikko, the bond between mother and child gradually turns into something bizarre…

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