[CAWD-390] Aphrodisiac Pickled Female Fallen Ai Room NTR Worst Yarichin Boss And Kimeseku Kurimiya Futaba Until Morning

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Futaba, who has a quiet personality, gets engaged to a male co-worker after an in-house romance. Her boss, Murase, who is jealous of the modest couple, appoints Futaba as his partner for a business trip to the countryside… “My body…something is wrong…” Her character of not being able to say no takes its toll on her, and her senses are sharpened to an unusual degree… “No! No! I’m going to come again…” The overwhelming pleasure that I know for the first time! I’m going to come again…” Overwhelming pleasure that he has never felt before! The cum juice is dripping out of every hole in her body! This is the story of a vulgar and dirty one-night stand that left an earnest female office worker in a frenzy.

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Futaba Kurimiya

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