[DFE-067] I Have My Daughter Feed Me.



Filial daughter and dependent family. You can’t take me on a trip, can you? The old man laughed and slipped his hand into my underwear. For the next two days, I’m going to be his plaything. My stepfather yelled at my mother and hit her, and she called my father, crying and screaming, demanding money. This is a regular monthly event in my family. But when he finally lost contact with my father and the balance in the bank account was reduced to zero, my stepfather’s anger turned from my mother to me. He began to force me to make money for the family, beat me if I didn’t like it, and raped me as a form of discipline. When my stepfather was bored or irritated, he raped me over and over again. Once when my mother witnessed it, he claimed without any sense of shame that it was Saki who had invited him, and my mother, who was weak, accepted his claim. When my mother witnessed it once, my mother, who was weak, took it in stride and accepted it. The dining table became separate, there was no conversation, and I became something that brought money to the family. My mother’s voice was joyful, leaking from the living room, “Let’s let that boy urinate again and increase our war chest, it’s a family vacation after all. I was so happy to hear my mother’s happy voice leaking out of the living room. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about anything, but tomorrow would soon come. A girl who kills her heart for her family and just endures, when she gives in to a man’s blaming, gasps and sobs overflow. A story of a poor girl.

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