[IPX-175] [Decensored] It Is Slowly Being Slashed In A State That Can Not Move To Middle-aged Favorite Literary Beauty Girl. Akira Tsurugi

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Please show Tsumugi your feeling face a lot. A beautiful girl with a liberal arts background is blindfolded, restrained and unable to move as she is fondled all over her body. The greatest pleasure of being humiliated and subjugated by the most beautiful girl of all time, and being turned into a sex slave! Please drink every drop of pee. Urinate in her mouth! Drink urine with force! Shameful handjob while being dug in the ass on all fours. Intellectual lewd words whispered in your ear to stir up M-men’s sense of shame. What’s wrong with you, making such a girlish voice? So cute….

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Tsumugi Akari

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