[JRZE-123] First Shooting Married Woman Documentary Minami Suzumura

[JRZE-123] First Shooting Married Woman Documentary Minami Suzumura

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I don’t intend to use it as a weapon, but it is popular with men (laughs). She has been married for four years. She is a mother of one and a housewife working as a medical sales representative. Her 100-centimeter H-cup breasts are a sight for sore eyes. Whether it is because of her big boobs or her own efforts, her sales performance is good, and she is leading a fulfilling life while balancing work and family life. However, there is no room for sex in her daily life as she is busy with work and raising her child…. From the outside, her seemingly happy life does not satisfy her as a woman. In search of an outlet for her desires, she finally decides to appear in adult films. I’m hungry. She is a new mother who is determined to become a woman again, but only on this day.

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Suzumura Minami

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