[ZIZG-001] Taimanin Yukikaze

[ZIZG-001] Taimanin Yukikaze

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The first ZIZ live-action label! Finally, a complete film adaptation of the popular PC game that has sold a total of 50,000 copies! The “Daimajin Ninja Series” has been a hit in various genres including games, animation, live-action, novels, and goods. The “Daima Shinobi Yukikaze” is one of the most popular games in the series in the “bedtime game” genre, and the CG effects, action scenes and dialogue by the actresses in the live-action series have been faithfully reproduced as much as possible, making it a must-see for a wide range of users including game, anime and live-action fans! Yukikaze and Rinko, the two antagonist Shinobi, infiltrate the Demon World City to save their mother! But it is the beginning of a humiliation beyond imagination!

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Satou Haruki

Natsume Yuuki

Yuna Shiina

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